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Today Is The Day

The Today Is The Day Journal is a 90-day workbook for anyone to use. All of the practices in this journal are ones I’ve learned from mentors and teachers over the years and used for my own self-discovery, and I wanted to share these practices with the hopes that they will serve others in their own journeying. The simplicity of the exercises will help others observe and stay present to the day that is right before them, one day at the time. When we understand ourselves as human beings, all riding these crazy waves of life, we can allow ourselves to feel anger, sadness, happiness, grief, all without being attached to any of them. The daily accountability and practices in the journal allow each person to do just that: to understand and to offer love and compassion the self...and to others.

My intention is for the journals to serve as a support and a gateway for as many people as possible to have those same “a-ha” moments, and then moving from that place, to accept the moment as it is and take effective action.

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